Saturday 3 June 2023

Buggin - Youth


  The Youth Will Have Their Say
  The Youth Will Lead The Way...

  Buggin are a fast rising hardcore punk quartet from Chicago who formed around 5 years ago and who feature a line up of Bryanna Bennett (vocals), Dewey Hendrik (bass), Peyton Roberts (guitar) and Michael Rasmussen (drums).

  They've released a Demo and a couple of eps ( and are now turning heads with their impressive debut album, Concrete Cowboys. Released on Flatspot Records, the album boasts a dozen short, sharp blasts of aggressive but accessible hardcore. You can get it on various coloured vinyl, cd or digital download :

  Sometimes I can find hardcore albums a little difficult to sit through, they can get a little samey. In this case however, it's no chore, it doesn't overstay it's welcome and more importantly it's very good. The song I'm highlighting is the closing track. It's both hard hitting and anthemic, it's called Youth... 

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