Friday 16 June 2023

Imploders - Deteriorating World


  How can I be happy in a world that's only getting fucking worse? 

  Fancy something fast, furious and first class? Then Toronto hardcore powerhouse Imploders are for you.

  Short songs attacked with an abundance of energy is very much the order of the day. The quartet first featured on here a couple of years ago with a track called Beatin' On The Brain  ( It's a song that reappears with a slightly more polished production job on the band's long awaited debut album. A self titled affair, it's a blast. 16 tracks of gut punch punk that has enough hooks to hang all your collection of hats on. It's an album that's earning them comparisons with genre greats such as Circle Jerks and Zero Boys. 

  It's available via Neon Taste Records (North America) and Static Shock (Europe/UK) on ltd edition vinyl or digital download : 

  It's pretty much drawing straws time when it come's to picking a song to highlight but I'm going to opt for the one that nails it's colours to the mast with a passionate and despairing opening line of "Future's looking bleak..." This is Deteriorating World... 

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