Monday 12 June 2023

Chinese Junk - Electric Chair


  Back in March, I posted a song ( by trash luvin' Orpington trio Chinese Junk ( and told you it would be on an upcoming album via Big Neck Records titled Fly Spray. 

  I think it's well worthwhile getting the band back on here now that the album is out. Available on vinyl and digital download, it's a whole bunch of budget rock fun. 14 tracks of "snot and sarcasm" it's the sound of a band that would have graced Rip Off Records back in the day. Energy and enthusiasm are front and centre. Party on down to Bandcamp and check it out...

  This is the opening track, it's dumb, it's fun, it's called Electric Chair...

I don't wanna wanna say goodbye
I just wanna wanna see you fry
I wanna watch you shit your socks
I wanna wanna watch your eyeballs pop

I want you baby I want you
I want you in the electric chair

Eat your burger and eat your fries
It's gonna be your last meal alive
You're gonna pay for the things you do
Turn your body into super glue
Electric chair yeah yeah

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