Thursday 1 June 2023

the gutters - pounds shillings and pence


  the gutters are a duo from Portland, Oregon, who despite hailing from that American hotbed of punk talent play "traditional English music." They play the kind of budget diy punk that would have been at home on the old Crass Bullshit Detector compilations. They look to have been releasing music since 2011 but as I know nothing about them I'll have to wing it. No idea where the singer originates from but that certainly doesn't sound like an American accent. 

  They've just released a new album titled Whatsisface which is a very fine listen. There's plenty of great tracks on there. what the fuck is a sweary, humorous tirade, are we the baddies is (presumably) inspired by the classic Mitchell and Webb comedy sketch ("what’s up with these uniforms they’ve got stars and we’ve got skulls which side of history are we on and who’s the fucking bogeyman") and app for that describes the typical week for your modern day wastrel.

  This track is about those that are more fortunate, and more twattish, than the majority. It's called pounds shillings and pence...

you wanna retire at age 34 move to the country never see the poor you gripe about lazy you never work a day you boss around a peasant and get your pay but pounds shillings and pence what about when its all spent always trying to build another fence and talk about the people in the tents someone embezzled my hedge fund so come and sleep with me in the hedge hon I’m saving up for a tent because i can’t afford no rent

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