Wednesday 19 May 2021

RUMKICKS - Don't Touch My Head


  Something short and lots of fun from South Korea today... 

  Rumkicks ( are a trio from Seoul who I thought I'd not come across before but who I must have done as when doing a little research I discovered I'd already liked their Facebook page. Strange that I didn't remember them as they're fucking wonderful. 

  They line up with Choi Seeun (vocal & bass), Jeong Yeawon (guitar) & Cho Minjung (drums) and I think they've previously released a couple of singles and an ep. Today I'm enthusing about the most recent song they added to Bandcamp. It's around 80 seconds of shouty joy which is accompanied by a rather cool and very colourful video. You can find it here :

  It's called Don't Touch My Head... 



  1. I hope you've checked out more of their stuff since writing this. They only seem to have a dozen or so songs recorded, all on Bandcamp for download, as well as Youtube, but all are great.

    1. Got a song by them on this week's just some punk songs show