Thursday, 13 May 2021

Moot - Patient One


  Moot ( are from Forster, New South Wales and feature a line up of Ross Dreise (vocals), John Walker (guitars), Shane Dalton (bass) and Benjamin Copland (drums). They're "an high energy rock n roll band" and they released a debut ep on Riot Records last year titled Cultural Treason. 

  The 4th of June will see the release of ep number 2 (or debut mini album?). Titled Loathing, Self And Others, it contains 7 tracks and they describe it thus; "A little more reflective but no less uncompromising than past work, the music drips with sarcasm and rages at hypocrisy." Topics covered include one (Bot Farm) which I see a lot of in the Facebook group New Punk Rock Music which I set up, namely scammers asking bands to send their music so that they can play them to their 'massive audience' (all for a price!). Elsewhere they sing about those amongst us that are easily led ("My God's better than yours, science is a hoax, I need a bigger truck, the virus is in the past" etc etc etc). They also sarcastically suggest World War 3 will solve a lot of problems and discuss growing old and trolling. 

  If you don't want to wait till June, it's already streaming here : 

  Today sees the release of a single which is the first track on the ep. It's about how from little things big things come and I'm sure I'm not the first person who draws similarities between Ross' vocals and those of the legendary Jello Biafra. It's called Patient One... 

Patient one patient one Corona central look what I've done Patient one patient one Corona central what have I done ? From little things big things come The butterfly effect brings the world undone Shoot a prince , start world war one Eat some bat soup in Wuhan Exxon Valdez hits the rocks Abandoned to spill out its guts Union Carbide makes pesticide Thousands killed with cyanide Drugs for baby , family pride Deformed for life from thalidomide Cheaper power for the masses Poisoned water from coal seam gases

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  1. Great stuff Mick!
    I saw Moot play on the NSW Central Coast last night. Fun and topical.