Saturday 8 May 2021

The Ableist - Sucked Back Into the Sun (feat. Alice Kraynak)


  The Ableist ( are from Chicago, Illinois and earlier this year released a very interesting Self Titled album in which they enlisted the aid of a number of guests to produce something pretty special. It's a mix of hardcore and post punk, the pace varies from brooding instrumental to spoken word to shouty ragers but it all coalesces into a more than satisfying whole. It's available as a name your price download and you'd be daft not to check it out : 

  Last week I played a track from it on the Just Some Punk Songs show and it went down a storm in the chatroom. It features Alice Kraynak on vocals and violin as well as Barry Cabrera (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Stephan Piven (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jairus Paulus (Bass), Johnny Chacon (Drums), Paul Scanty (Lead Vocals), Sean Jones (Backing Vocals) & Maddie Bomher (Backing Vocals). As with many of their songs, it's an intelligent political treatise that both stimulates the mind and gets you jumping around. It's called Sucked Back Into The Sun...

Sucked back into the sun // Is this all we can become? // Sucked back into the sun // Displaced beneath the stars // If human nature’s built on greed the commodity of the air we breathe won’t come cheap when the day comes for us to all asphyxiate // The culture that we cultivate, the colonial narrative that states “accept a wage, you’re not a slave, but conditions are too late to change” // Is there such a thing as solace in disassociated worlds? // Have we simply reached the solstice and descended on return? // This struggle is systemic, corrosive at its core // These solipsistic visions to expropriate the earth // Serve some cosmic calling to enslave us from our birth // While the planet is imploding to accommodate its growth // They’re doubling up the bodies in the prisons and the morgues // But you retain your privilege when you advocate reform // Sucked back into the sun // Look at what we’ve become // Sucked back into the sun // Deny the looming shadow // Human nature fluctuates based on circumstance and change // While we create, will we embrace their inherent right to subjugate? // Our culture we can cultivate this instinctive narrative that states // “Reject their ways, you’re not a slave, the conditions are ours to claim” // There’s no such thing as solace in a genocidal world // We’ll confront the cataclysmic while the constellations burn // This fight against oppression must drive us at our cores // Dismantling every vision to commodify our worth // To serve the cosmic calling to preserve our planet earth // We can liberate the species while the nebulae disperse // Not reducing human beings to cells and freezer drawers // Cause the pursuit of abolition is to actualize reform // It’s the turning point in history where we die or we evolve // Earn our place among the planets or fall extinct among the stars // We can embrace emancipation or have hell eclipse us all // But the truth of human nature lies in the abandonment of the law

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