Sunday, 30 May 2021

The Prostitutes - Shapeshift

(photo : Brian Reinsfelder)

  A welcome return to The Prostitutes ( today, the band headed up by vocalist Kevin Patrick McGovern who've been releasing Johnny Thunders/Germs/Sex Pistols etc influenced old school punk rock music since 1995. They're now based in Baltimore, Maryland and if you've not yet been introduced to them may I recommend you catch up with this very fine remastered  'name your price' retrospective of some of their best songs : 

  They've a new ep coming any day now from Last Punk Rockers Records ( It'll be available on 7" vinyl. I've had the digital version for a couple of months but I've been holding off posting anything on here as the release date kept getting pushed back due to delays at the pressing plant in Germany. Supposedly it shipped last week and will be out hopefully this week. 

  All 3 tracks are very good, Kevin's vocals are as passionate as ever and as always, he's surrounded himself with a very able supporting cast. Coming in at a trim, fat free 6 minutes, the ep is noise pollution of the best kind. Paraphrasing the track I'll debut on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (airs later today so tune in :, get that needle in the red and crack the sound up to 10. 

  This however is the title track, it's called Shapeshift... 

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