Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Liquids - You Might Think


  A quick glance through the Just Some Punk Songs archives reveals that Indiana punk outfit Liquids (the brainchild of the very talented Mat Williams) have featured on here 4 times so far (or 5 if you count the track I included in the Top 20 Devo-Core songs list I posted in 2017). I've previously described their songs as "lo fi diy hardcore garage stompers" and compared them to everyone from Devo to The Buzzcocks, Dickies and The Spits. Hopefully you're familiar with them by now but if not and you want to check out some "fuzzy pop nuggets with a crunchy centre and hooks aplenty" then head this way... 

  They're back today with a very cool cover. It's a top notch version of a song that was a hit in 1984 for The Cars (and was on their Heartbeat City album). This time around it's one of the highlights on an album titled Paul Henry's Benefit Compilation. It's "a comp to help raise funds for a new roof that Paul Henrys DESPERATELY needs. Paul Henry's Art Gallery is a staple to the community in Northwest Indiana and has been one of the most important spaces to NWI punk for the last 5 years." 26 tracks of killer punk including music from the likes of CCTV, Abi Ooze, Attestor, Big Zit and many more. It's available on cassette and digital download from Upset Condition : 

  I love the vocals on this, it's called You Might Think...

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