Sunday, 23 May 2021

Beat Up - Third Precinct


  Yesterday I featured a single by Clowns. A popular single by a band that you'll all know which probably didn't need a share on here as it'll get heard anyway (though it's a bloody good song so got some Just Some Punk Songs loving). Today you're getting something that you might not otherwise get to hear. It's no less deserving of your attention. 

  Beat Up are from Athens, Georgia and I know absolutely nothing about them. They've just released what I'm guessing is a debut ep, it's called Three Shots Fired and I'm glad to report that all those three shots hit their intended target. Recorded in response to events from last year, the ep features a couple of snappy hard hitting bangers and a lengthier more considered finale. 

  Opener, Jerks, suggests that there's plenty of people who could do the world a favour by wrapping themselves around a tree. Closing track, Double Time Double Time, "simmers in the anxiety of the world of 2020, and resolves to make sure we are ready for the bastards next time." The meat in this political sandwich references the 9 minute filmed murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests which led to the burning of a Minneapolis police precinct. 

  This track is titled Third Precinct... 

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