Thursday 6 May 2021

RMBLR - Main Muscle


 For the second time in just over a week I'm bringing you a new song from one of the coolest labels around (following on from a track by The Boatsmen). Spaghetty Town Records ( / is an independent label from Atlanta, Georgia who are building up a very impressive catalogue of releases ("dirty rock, punk, power pop, bovver rock and whatever else we like").  Today I'm featuring a song from a 6 track ep which will be out (digitally) next week. 

  RMBLR ( formed in 2016 and play 70's influenced punk rock n roll. If you've missed their previous releases you can catch up here : They featured on here previously back in 2018 : 

  The RMBLR MF ep will be getting a vinyl release in June (black and very limited colour variants) and you can pre order it here : If you're in Europe then try Wanda Records. 

  The track you'll find below is a catchy singalong in which frontman Chase Tail is singing about his heart whilst a boogie woogie piano competes with guitar and drum to showcase a Chuck Berry influence. I'm looking forward to hearing the full release.

  This is Main Muscle... 

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