Monday, 31 May 2021

Geoff Palmer - Many More Drugs (Guest Review By J Prozac)


  A big thanks to Jay from The Prozacs today for waxing enthusiastically about the latest single by Geoff Palmer. You'll no doubt be familiar with The Prozacs but did you know that Jay was cool enough to record a theme tune for the Just Some Punk Songs show? 

Over to you Jay...

  I've known Geoff Palmer (, like, forever. In fact, I met him the very first weekend I had ever played shows with my own bands, back in February 1998. His then current band was The Useless Fucks... and he was also playing for The Queers. I don't know, we just seemed to hit it off and have spent the last 23 years with our musical lives and friendship constantly criss crossing and on occasion colliding and leaving traces of our mutual admiration.

Speaking of "hitting it off", one thing Geoff is notorious for is his knack for writing hits...and 'Many More Drugs" is no exception. He has a way with his songwriting and vocals that are easily recognizable and transcends throughout his multitude of musical projects. His newest single is right in his wheelhouse of catchiness, sincerity, fun and the love and adventure of the music he loves...the music we love. Geoff loves to have a good time and has never been shy about expressing that in his music. No different here!

There's even a tribute to the mighty Dickies within his new song. As usual, he's surrounded himself with an all-star cast of friends to help make this song and the forthcoming album "Charts & Graphs" which will be on Stardumb Records (LP), Rum Bar Records (CD) and Memorable But Not Honorable (Cassette). Geoff is a consistent and passionate force in the world of punk rock... and a class act as well. I'm excited for what's to come and so should you!

This is story of a teenage Palmer desperately searching for The Dickies song ‘Manny Moe And Jack’, which he fell in love with but misheard the lyrics of! It's called Many More Drugs...

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