Monday 7 March 2022

Dogma - The World A Peace


  A very topical song today by Ottawa anarcho/peace punks Dogma ( 

  They're an atmospheric quartet featuring a line up of James (drums), Steph (vocals), Ricky (bass) & Justin (guitar). They formed in 2017 and their 2020 Self Titled album was one of that years best releases (


  They return today with the opening track on a new 5 song ep from Pils Sessions titled Dogma Session #08 02​/​22. We're treated to 3 new original compositions, a cover of The Mob's 1980 single Witch Hunt and a re recorded version of Indoctrination, a song from the debut album. Topics covered include world peace, consumerism, colonialism and the ruling elite. It's the first time in the studio for the band for 2 years and they had this to say  "A lot's changed, even for us as a band, since our last session in the studio almost exactly two years before this one, but we're beyond appreciative of the opportunity and thankful to be able to share our tunes with you, courtesy of PILS Sessions. At a time like this - in our city, in our society and in our world - we remember what matters.. hold yourself and your circles accountable in your fight for a better world."

  This is The World A Peace...

 A World without bombs
 A world without borders
 A world without hate
 A world with no war!

 The World at peace not in pieces,
 The World at peace not in pieces!

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