Monday 25 April 2022

The Courettes - Salta Il Ramo


  Without a doubt, one of the most popular songs I played on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show was the new single by Danish/Brazilian husband and wife duo, The Courettes ( Comments included "Twangtastic!", "Magic" and "I like this band and this is one of their best songs." I'm not sure though if anyone noticed it was an Italian language version of a song of theirs which went down equally as well when I played it last year (

  It's just one of the tracks on the single, the flip side being a version of Won't Let You Go (another favourite of theirs which I also featured on here :

  To sum up, it's a brilliant single from one of the best bands around and it features Italian language versions of 2 of their best songs. It was released on 7" vinyl to coincide with their southern European tour and with the recent Record Store Day. It looks as though the vinyl version is already sold out though it's available digitally here :

  Still hopping the twig, this is Salta Il Ramo... 

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