Friday 22 April 2022

The Hazmats - Empty Rooms


  The Hazmats are from London and feature members of Chubby And The Gang (, Game ( and Big Cheese ( but whilst those bands play hard hitting variations on the hardcore punk and oi genres, The Hazmats are an entirely different proposition altogether. They're kinder on your eardrums. They're more akin with the kind of bands that used to be corralled together under the jangle pop label than anything the various members have done previously (although granted, Chubby And The Gang aren't adverse to mixing their albums up by adding the occasional gentler track). Don't think I'm saying they're veering towards the twee end of the indie pop spectrum, I'm not, they're a little heavier than that but they still manage to have a similar melodic infectiousness. 

  They've just released their debut single. It's available as a one off pressing on 7" white vinyl (ltd to 300 copies) via Static Shock Records and as a digital download :

  Close your eyes, imagine you're in 1986, click play. This is Empty Rooms... 

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