Saturday 30 April 2022

Crisis Man - Who?


  Crisis Man are a hard hitting punk band from Santa Rosa, California, who include Ceremony vocalist Ross Farrar alongside Bee Wright from Acrylics (Guitar), Jess Sylvester (Bass) & Nick Vicario from Autistic Youth (Drums). I came across them when they released their 2018 ep The Myth Of Moderation (I missed the previous year's S/T debut ep). 

  They've recently released their debut album, Asleep In America. It's available as a digital download 

  If vinyl is your thing or you're in Europe then you'll want to check out Erste Theke Tontraeger

It's 9 blistering, fat free, hardcore punk bangers commenting on the political landscape of their homeland. The label rather nicely sums things up as the sound of standing barefoot in the garage and watching all your stepdad’s power tools on the shelves gradually rattling to the floor. Titles such as Flag Of Dread, Police Injustice & Gov't Spending give you an idea of the lyrical content, the band members soundtrack their grievances with a suitably vicious backbeat. You'll be impressed, check it out. 

  This track is called Who?

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