Tuesday 5 April 2022

The Hallingtons - Becky's On E


  It's been quiet on here for the last few days due to a workman cutting through a cable up the road and the ensuing power cut causing a surge which blew my pc's power pack. All sorted now though and back with a top tune. 

  It's a song from Hop Til' You Drop, the debut album by Ramones worshippers The Hallingtons (https://www.facebook.com/hallingtons). They're not a new band, they've released a number of eps and featured on this blog 3 times previously. This however is their first long player and just like those previous releases, it's a blast. The band are from Oslo and the line up is Mikel (bass/vocals), Jørgen (guitar/vocals) and Tor (drums/vocals).

  13 pop punk cuts about Godzilla, girls, UFO's...If you like this kind of pop punk, you'll be adding the album to your favourites list. You can get it on very limited white vinyl from Monster Zero Records (as I type this there's only 9 copies left so be quick)  https://monsterzerorecords.com/products/hallingtons-the-hop-til-you-drop-lp-limited-white-vinyl 

  Or you can get the digital version here :

  Impossible to select a favourite so I'll go with a song that's dumb, fun and very infectious. This is Becky's On E...

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