Wednesday 27 April 2022

Dead Objectives - Illfare State


  Dead Objectives ( are a dark punk band from Manchester who last appeared on here in 2016 with a song called Holy War  ( 

  They return today with one of the tracks from their impressive new double A sided single.

  As you may know, The National Health Service was founded on the 5th of July 1948 by the Labour government who's Minister Of Health,  Aneurin Bevan, proposed that each resident of the UK would be signed up to a specific General Practice (GP) as the point of entry into the system and would have access to all medical, dental and nursing care they needed without having to pay for it at the time. 

  The Conservative Party, led by Winston Churchill, voted against the introduction of the NHS a staggering 21 times. Churchill believed that the NHS was a "first step to turn Britain into a National Socialist economy." Don't forget that at the time the German Nazi party were officially called National Socialists! 

  Anyway, thankfully the NHS was established and has become our most treasured institution, despite the Torys continually seeking to undermine and dismantle it. 

  You can get the Dead Objectives single (which is from an upcoming new album) here :

This track covers how the privatisation of the service was set out in 1988 when Margaret Thatcher's advisors John Redwood and Oliver Letwin wrote Britain's Biggest Enterprise: Ideas for Radical Reform of the NHS. Since that point, the rest is history. 'Illfare State' looks into a brief history of how it came to be and more importantly, how it could end...

A utopian wool-gatherer, that’s what you call me for unchaining the world that lay shackled before me. For giving a fuck about the people who die, for your insatiable greed, your sadistic reform. “It never worked” you said, as you sharpened your knives. Taking your cuts, you cooked up PFI. To bankrupt the service, the IEA lied, to benefit the companies you run on the side. Oh, how the venal wasted, corrupt and sold by weight, our nurtured institution. Privatization causes deaths. Virgin Health, Bupa and Care UK, made our NHS what it is today; a sabotaged shell of their illfare-state. Behind Portland house MP’s scratched out it’s fate. What isn’t surprising when you look at the facts is that the people in charge then turned out to be backed, by the same fucking companies that won the contracts. Britain's deadly disease is class. It was 1942, in the midst of the war. Frost set in on the factory floors, soldiers and workers fought for their rights, to put an end to the poverty imposed on the poor. The NHS was not some gift from above, it was conceived in the suffering, the tears and the blood, of the people who believed that mortality rate should not be set by the money we make!

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