Monday 11 April 2022

Omega Tribe - Shit


  Another winner from Grow Your Own Records today.

  Omega Tribe ( formed way back in 1981 (originally as Deadly Game before changing their name) in Barnet and were one of the numerous anarcho punk bands associated with Crass Records (their first ep, Angry Songs, was on that label and was co produced by Penny Rimbaud and they also appeared on the Bullshit Detector, Volume 2 compilation). They split in 1988 before reforming in 2016 (there'd been a faint flickering of life in 1995 when they played a guest spot at Vi Subversa's 60th Birthday Bash at London's Astoria 2).

  They've just released a new album titled New Peace Movement and it's very good indeed. It starts off with the title track, a tuneful introduction to an album that dials down the ferocity from their early material but features well thought out lyrics that show the band's ideals are still the same. They've always been a highly capable bunch of musicians and this is highlighted more than ever this time around. 

  Early highlight Better Man is about how difficult it can be to turn the other cheek ("a better man than me would find forgiveness in his heart"). The next track, Sorry, is about being unable to carry on with a long term relationship. Later on they're opining how everybody needs a home, a place to call their own...everybody has the right to live in peace. It's a statement that stands up all the more given the millions of extra refugees caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine (I'm not sure it was their intention to write about refugees on this song but it's what I take from it).

  It's an album that could only have been released by a band that have experienced long lives. It's a band that's growing old and are more world weary and resigned than before but the anger still simmers below the surface. It's a beautiful album about things that aren't beautiful. It's available on cd and digital download and you should check it out :   

  This song is about religion and about believing whatever story works for you. Just don't build oppression on fairy tales. It's called Shit...

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