Wednesday 20 April 2022

The Sentence - Rise Up


  Back in 2018 The Sentence ( first featured on this blog. They're a quintet with members from Burnley & Blackburn who's line up is Spike (Bass), Ged  (Drums), Steve (Guitar), Watty (Vocals) and Andy (Guitar). They've appeared a couple of times since and are back today with the lead track from their new ep.


  The ep's titled Dead On The Outside and it features 5 classic sounding punk rock anthems during it's 18 minute runtime. The songs are impressive and they benefit from a decent production job which gives it a big sound but doesn't smooth out any of the rough edges. Lyrics touch upon the political and the personal with one of the highlights being their love letter to the punk rock scene (there's a video for this song here : 

  The ep's available on cd and digital download :

  Another highlight, this song has a great, nagging guitar line and is about how it's time to fight back against those who'll accept no blame for fucking up our once great nation. It's called Rise Up...

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