Sunday 8 January 2023

ROTARY CLUB - American Tower


  I've got to be honest, although I keep an eye on Iron Lung Records as they occasionally put out music I really enjoy, most of their releases are a little on the heavy side for my tender ears (feel free to call me a wuss). When I read the write up for their latest release however, I just knew I was going to hear something rather cool. It starts off like this;   "As a massive early Killed By Death style punk fanatic, constantly in pursuit of the ever elusive records and one-off-obscuro sound, I frequently turn up my nose at modern bands playing the style. You can't just crap out a poorly recorded generic riff punk track, slap a "KBD" label on it and expect me to fall for the ruse..."

  A well recorded, Killed By Death style single that's "refreshing and well executed take to say the least." Count me in. 

  I don't know anything about ROTARY CLUB. As you can imagine, a Google search for their name brings up lots of results but nothing relevant. They're from Reno, Nevada and this single is their first vinyl release (I've no idea if there's any non vinyl releases). It's a sound that reminds me somewhat of early Neighborhood Brats. It's out at the end of the month and you can pre order it here :

  This is the lead track, it's called American Tower... 

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