Thursday 12 January 2023

The Circulators - It Won't Be Me


  The Circulators are a new band from San Francisco with a line up of Vinnie (vocals/guitar), Jimmy (bass/vocals), Nicky (drums/vocals) & Blake (guitar). I'm never quite sure if a release featuring 8 tracks is a generously packaged ep or an album but whatever their debut release is, it's a bloody great introduction. 

  The band play a mix of old school punk rock n roll and catchy as hell power pop. I've no idea if they've been round the block as members of other bands but they've turned up in this incarnation as pretty much the finished article. The album (I'm going with album) is Self Titled and it's available as a cassette or digital download. You can get it here :

  I'm hearing bits of The Dead Boys, The Damned, The Exploding Hearts and numerous other genre greats. This is definitely a band you'll want to check out. 

  This track is titled It Won't Be Me...