Saturday 7 January 2023

Backhand - Are The Chains Really Off?


  Sorry it's been a bit quiet on here for the last week or so, I could say there's not been an awful lot of new releases during the first week of 2023 or mention that I've been suffering from this bout of lurgy that's been going round but in all honesty I just couldn't be arsed writing anything. But today here's the 1st update of the year.

  Backhand ( are a new hardcore punk band from Sydney who are speaking out about gender violence, mental health and indigenous injustice. They line up thus : KP (vocals), Macca (guitar), Trouble (drums) & Jay (bass). They've just released a debut single of which they say; 

Over the years, governments have made it their mission to be seen to tick as many boxes as possible in regards to issues faced by Aboriginal people. They have funded countless, meaningless programs, given countless, meaningless apologies and set goals and targets that have never been reached. They have wasted millions on reports, without consulting with our communities, they have wasted millions on deciding what's best for us. Corporations have caught on and hijacked our traditions, they feel obligated to hang our art on their walls next to copies of their "Indigenous policies" giving them a false sense that they are contributing to our welfare. For over two hundred years there has been nothing but talk and bullshit. We are sick of talk. Its time to fucking listen!!

  It's a short, sharp blast of pent up rage and you can get it as a name your price download here :

  There'll be a new ep titled GENTRIFICATION IS GENOCIDE out early this year so watch out for that.

  This is Are The Chains Really Off?

  200 years of displacement
 200 years of rape
 200 years of trauma
 200 years of violence
 200 years of racism
 200 years of sadness
 200 years of neglect
 200 years of genocide

 Are the chains really off?

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