Saturday 14 January 2023

Liquids - My Best Friend (Stab Me In The Back Again)


  If you're a Just Some Punk Songs regular then you'll already be familiar with Liquids. The brainchild of Indiana resident Mat Williams (he's also featured in numerous other bands such as Coneheads, The Fritz, ABC Gum, Scabs, Dagger, Pukeoid, Guinea Kid etc etc etc...), this is their 6th appearance on the blog. 

  The new album is titled Songs and it features a mix of 14 "lost songs and new recordings."  It's a scrappy hotch potch of lo-fi budget punk. It's also very good. We're even treated to a guest vocal turn on one of the tracks by Just Some Punk Songs favourite Jaid Baisa (aka Abi Ooze). 

  Amongst the treats on offer is this gem, it's called My Best Friend (Stab Me In The Back Again)... 

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