Monday 23 January 2023

The Anomalys - Damaged


  Anyone fancy some "psychotic, unpredictable and primitive rock 'n roll"?
  You do? Then step this way...

  The Anomalys ( are a trio from Amsterdam who debuted with a promo ep back in 2005. Their new release is a 7 track ep titled Piss In Your Sink!!! and it features amongst it's delights all 4 of the songs from that promo. The reason being is that it's the first time their first ever recordings have been given a proper airing. Recorded when they were just a duo; Bone (vocals/guitar) & Memme (drums), it's a frantic, life affirming blast of punked up garage goodness. It's available as a cassette from Netherlands label Gips Records 

  As well as the 4 tracks from the promo, there's a couple of alternate takes of songs from their Self Titled debut album (released in 2010 on Slovenly Recordings). There's also a previously unreleased track and it's probably my pick of the bunch. 

  It's called Damaged... 

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