Wednesday 11 January 2023

Bear Keg - Cant Make Me (Guest Review By John McLachlan)


  A first guest review today from John McLachlan who's a member of Bangor (Northern Ireland) band Dirt Byrds ( He wants to recommend we check out a new band from his home city... 

    BEAR KEG ( are fronted up by Jake and Ryan on vocals, bass & keyboards - two young 'uns from Bangor, County Down, Norn Ireland.  From what I can find out they’re killers of gods that punch swans, kiss angels and melt faces with their wild rock’n roll.

  The lads had the good sense to get Granda on guitar and vocals. A genre veteran (a few years ago he was in Pink Turds In Space), he brings a rich rock’n roll history to the line up and some recording skills worth tapping into and handy to have in the family.  Keeping it a family affair we also have Da on drums and vocals. Who’s living the dream? All three generations I guess.

  Their debut ep is titled Downward Spiral, it features 4 tracks; Can’t Make Me, Work, Dream Crusher & Poisoned World. It’s 2023, it’s a punk racket and it’s wonderful. You can find it here :

  This is Can't Make Me... 

Can't make me - woof
Can't make me - woof
Can't make me - woof
Can't make me - miaow!