Monday 30 January 2023

Rough Kids - Attitudes


  A welcome return to Just Some Punk Songs today for Rough Kids ( They've featured on here a couple of times, back in 2014 ( and 2016 ( but it's been a while since they last released anything.


  The wait is over. They've a new album out on March 3rd on Dirt Cult Records titled The Black And White And Grey. It'll be available on limited edition yellow vinyl, black vinyl or digital download. You can pre order and check out the lead track here :

  As well as they album, they've also released a cover of a song that was originally released in 1980 by Los Angeles band The Brat (this was it : It's a great cover and you can d/l it name your price here :

  It's still a high energy punk rock backbeat with killer guitar licks but this time around we have male instead of female vocals. It confirms the band are still at the top of their game and leaves me excited for the album. It's called Attitudes...

So you think it starts
The day you’re born
Or you think it starts
From being torn

It’s just your attitude
Not filled with gratitude
It’s only attitude

He said you’d better change
Your frame of thought
Look at all the trouble
You have brought

Said it’s my attitude
Not filled with gratitude
It’s only attitude

It’s just my attitude
It’s only attitude
Everything I say is wrong
Everything I do is wrong
Just my attitude

Nothing more, attitude
When everything you say goes wrong
And everything you do goes wrong
Say it’s your attitude
My attitude

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