Thursday 19 January 2023

Bad Affair - No Way Out


  A band today that I first featured back in 2019 (

  Bad Affair ( are a garage punk quartet from Hamburg who sadly are shortly to split up. They're signing off however with a farewell album and it's one that'll make their decision to go their separate ways all the more disappointing.

  It's called We Are Doomed and it's a baker's dozen of punk tunes that are both lively and catchy. Songs about not letting anyone tell you what to do, respecting women's rights to say no, depression and dread. You can pre order the vinyl version or get the name your price download here :

  This is one of numerous highlights, it's called No Way Out... 

Stuck in a rat race while Slowly getting ground You hate your job but The mortgage must be paid No way out, no way out Yeah you've lost your way out Some weekend getaways, Vacation once a year Is this your life now? Is this what you dreamt of? The grip gets tighter, Everyday it's worse All dreams are long gone You're longing for a noose

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