Monday 4 June 2018

Dole Cheque - I'm Broke Cunt

  There's some great music coming out of Australia at the moment (bands featured on here include Amyl And The Sniffers, The Chats, Bikini Cops, Ubik, Brad Pot and plenty more). Today sees another added to the list.

  Dole Cheque are from Melbourne and are a band I know very little about (I think some of them may have been in Mighty Boys but I may be completely wrong! . There's a name your price song (their first single) from last year called Can't Buy Shards With Cash Cards that's name your price on Bandcamp and well worth grabbing hold of... 

  I notice a while back they were running a competition to see who could write the worst review for their new single (I think this was the winner.... Suffering through to this scraggly piece of trash felt like spraying hot brown slush from my singstar into my own ears. What a stinker!!!)    

    Unfortunately I'd not win the comp as the single is really rather good. It reminds me a bit of The Chats, but as well as having the same couldn't give a fuck attitude, Dole Cheque also incorporate various widdly widdly screechy sounds that I'm not describing very well but sound like they could come from a badly tuned 50's radio or maybe it's what Hawkwind would have sounded like if they had started up in 1977 and had a recording budget of 5 bucks. You're better off checking out the video rather than reading my crappy description.

  This is I'm Broke Cunt....

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