Tuesday, 12 June 2018


photo : Junior R Tokumaru

  I think today's update features the first song I've posted from Peru. KILL AMIGO are from Lima and line up with Manuel Vela (guitar/vocals), Piero Paccini (guitar/vocals), Qenqo Larv (drums) and Rodrigo Gutierrez (bass). I only discovered them yesterday (thanks to Alvaro from the Cat Nouveau Radio Show) and know very little about them although they are on Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/killamigo/

  Their music is tagged as garage punk and if you want to hear for yourselves what they sound like then check out Bandcamp as their releases (including debut album El Filin Ha Muerto) are name your price : https://kill-amigo.bandcamp.com/
The album (released last year) was my first exposure to them and I look forward to giving it a proper listen. The song you're getting today (also on Bandcamp) though is a song that they recorded for the Dance To The Radio compilation Cartografia Fugaz.

  This song shares a name with ex member Bronto, who left the band and moved to Miami ("the only thing that motivates us is knowing that you will return").


Autocompasivo has sucumbido ante la ansiedad 
Todavía no has vivido, pero tú ya quieres más 
Ohhh ohhhh 
Viejo y aburrido todo sigue por aquí igual 
Lo único que nos motiva es saber que volverás 
Ooooh Ohhh x2 

El tiempo pasa rápido, pero a veces tan lento 
El tiempo pasa rápido, pero a veces tan lento

(Self-pitying you have succumbed to anxiety 
You have not lived yet, but you already want more 
Ohhh ohhhh 
Old and boring everything is still here 
The only thing that motivates us is knowing that you will return 
Ooooh Ohhh x2 

Time passes fast, but sometimes so slow 
The time it goes fast, but sometimes so slow)

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