Saturday 9 June 2018

Tough Actin' Tinactins - Brain Fog


  It's been a while now but a few years back Kenny Joslen used to feature on this blog fairly regularly as a member of a number of bands with names such as Life On Mars, Murder Cow, Suburban Commandos etc. It seemed if a diy punk release came out of St Louis, Missouri that Kenny had something to do with it.

  Anyway, he's back with a new project. Calling himself Kenny Tinactin he plays guitar and contributes backing vocals and he's joined by Darren Tinactin (vocals/guitar), Sean Tinactin (drums/backing vocals) and Floyd Tinactin (bass/backing vocals). The band are from Alton (a city 15 miles north of St Louis) and they're called Tough Actin' Tinactins.

  A bit of research shows me that Tough Actin' Tinactin is so powerful it cures and prevents most athletes foot. Maybe this means exposure to the band's music will blast away any fungal infection of your ears? Surely no bad thing so make sure you play their song loud.

  So the song, it's the first single from their upcoming album. It's name your price on Bandcamp and it's not too great a departure from Kenny's previous releases. Good, rocking straight up punk with plenty of whoa whoas that would have fit right in on his Braindead Record label back in the day or on his current Murder Cow label (I'm not sure if this new album will be on there but I'll give you the link anyway just in case :

  You can get the single here, name your price.....

  It's called Brain Fog.....


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