Monday 11 June 2018

Idol Lips - Don't Need Your Love

  Idol Lips are the fastest and loudest punk rock band from Italy. They're from a town called Ceccano (in the province of  Frosinone, Lazio) and they play a kind of glam influenced punk n roll that's earned them comparisons with the likes of Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls and Dead Boys. Think big catchy tunes and plenty of swagger.

  The line up features Tony Volume (guitar/vocals), Vale Blade (guitar/backing vocals), Adrian Ics (bass) and Dee Blade (drums/backing vocals) and they're on Facebook here :

  They've just released their 3rd album (following 2006's Too Much For The City and 2011's Scene Repulisti). It's titled Street values and it's available now on vinyl from Wanda Records :

  You can find the digital version here :

  Bringing the sound of the 70's to a modern day audience, Idol Lips have brought us another 12 bubblegum rock party hits. This is one of them, it's called Don't Need Your Love. Prepare to be impressed....

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