Tuesday 19 June 2018

Firecracker 500 - Red, White and You (Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

  Earlier this month Dirk Ceustermans (aka Zaphod Beeblebrox, host of the Zaphod's MediaMofos show) did a rather cool review of the new album by Lyon band DEFAITE. He returns today to give his thoughts on the new, Self Titled, album from Firecracker 500. You can find more band info here :   http://www.firecracker500.com/

  In Zaphod's unique style, here's the review....

 Firecracker 500 - S/T (Hostage Records HR069, 2018)

  What's wrong with bands coming out with crazy names nowadays? Firecracker 500 brings to mind a Fiat Cinquecento stuffed with Chinese fireworks, driven by an old looney streetpunk chum, ready to set the scenery alight.

  And so does this slab of blue (saphire blue, mind!) wax, starting with 2 tracks that make even the best streetpunk bands wet their briefs. But this record thinks way more out of the box as loads of melody creeps in and Bartsch' brilliant vocals add lots of value to the melodies put together with real craftmanship.

  Hit after hit on this release, mid tempo arrangements spark and firecrack up the part of your braincell that is meant to be entertained. It doesn't stop, all songs are such a pleasure to explore, I'd name 'm all but if I must, "Rejects", "Chains",
"Evil Love", "2nd Chance" and the very touching "Change" that opens accoustic and where the lyrics start with "Change, not something that you should fear". This courageous 'side project' from McGahey, Bartsch, Tittle and Shears of Shattered Faith
fame lives up to these words.

  This modern day classic is definately one of the best Hostage releases to date! A bold statement, considering the top quality releases this label has come forth with. But the hostage crew couldn't have said it better themselves:  "Chains and change...The trappings of musical expectations has stiffled the sound expansions of many a fine punk band. You want to write an outside of the box record, one that shatters the faith of your accepted sound?... The chains that have held many a band are heavy.
The answer, the ol' new project personification...

  Brilliant release, a must listen.
Zaphod Approved.

  This is Red, White And You.... 

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