Wednesday 27 June 2018

Spiritual Cramp - I Feel Bad Bein' Me


  Spiritual Cramp are from San Francisco's Bay Area and feature Michael Bingham (Creative Adult / Self Defence Family) on vocals. Also in the band are Michael Fenton (bass), Stewart Kuhlo (guitar), Jacob Breeze (guitar), Blaine Patrick (drums) and Max Wickham (tambourine).

  Their debut release was last year's Mass Hysteria ep which came out on React! Records and can be found here :

  They returned earlier this month with follow up, Police State. Another 4 tracks mixing up elements of punk, hardcore and reggae but this time around released by Deranged.....

  Their name is shared with a song by goth rock band Christian Death though comparisons with The Clash and Talking Heads are more the order of the day. The song you'll find below definitely channels the spirit of both London Calling and Psycho Killer.

  This is I Feel Bad Bein' Me....

I'm always walking into rooms full of people.
I'm always wondering if they see what I see.
I always wonder if they know what I'm thinking
I Feed Bad Bein' Me.

I want to come on like an earthquake.
Instead I come on like a headache.
Its not something I want everyone to see.
I Feel Bad Bein Me'.

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