Friday 15 June 2018

Suckerpunch - Blue Pill Red Pill

  Another band from Birmingham today. Suckerpunch formed in late 2015 and have honed their skills with relentless gigging (their raucous live shows have earnt them a place on the bill at this year's Rebellion Festival). They're a 4 piece featuring Craig (bass/vocals), Todd (guitar/vocals), Rob (drums) and Neil (vocals/guitar). Their debut ep, Strong and Un-Stable came out last year...

You can get more info on them here :

  Today sees the release of their new ep, it's titled View From The Moodswings and it's available from Bunny Boiler Record.

  The ep consists of 3 tracks, the first of which is accompanied by the video you'll see below. An 80 second blast of what I presume is Matrix inspired punk "n" roll (Neo was offered the choice between blue and red pills, red would free him into the real world whilst blue would keep him in the more comfortable confines of the Matrix).

  The only choice you need to make is do you click on the video below. My advice is go for it. This is called Blue Pill Red Pill....

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