Tuesday 27 December 2022

Zero Cost - Proxy Wars


  Zero Cost (https://www.facebook.com/zerocostband) are a young diy punk rock trio from Hull who boast a line up of Jon Grubb (Lead Vocals/Bass),  Ash Johnson (Guitar/Backing Vocals) & Calvin Casey (Drums/Backing Vocals). 

  They've a new ep out titled Exponential Decay which features 4 tracks of lively melodic/skate punk focusing on social and political concerns. I hadn't heard of the band till I was pointed in their direction last week but they're well worth becoming acquainted with so can I pass on the recommendation to check them out. You can do that here : https://zero-cost.bandcamp.com/album/exponential-decay

  On Friday, one of the songs from the ep (the one you'll find below) will be getting a single release. It'll be backed by a couple of b sides, one of which is a previously unreleased track (you can pre save it here :  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/zerocost/proxy-wars).

  Beginning with a clip from a bungled speech by George W Bush, this song is about how war can be engineered by those in power in a way that people follow blindly. It's called Proxy Wars...

The rolling thunder did not change their made up minds They would not break rank with their peers To benefit the heads above the parapet The innocents who did succumb During that three year bombing run Small details in the narrative And so the madness just went on As seen in any war or feud There are always those who will use Whatever leverage they can grasp and anyone they can abuse So please, before you take up arms Subjecting fellow souls to harm Be sure you truly know the score Who are you really fighting for?

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