Wednesday 28 December 2022

Candid Faces - Needle Talk (Guest Review By Gary Hockney)


    A new guest reviewer today. Gary Hockney used to be the vocalist/bassist with a band called 3-Action! who were around in the mid to late 80's ( Gary's now active around the Hull area helping local bands (his son is in one of the area's best, Bedsit, who will have a new ep out soon). Over to Gary...

  Still, predominantly, in their teens, Candid Faces ( have firmly established themselves amongst Hulls punk glitterati, who make up the city’s diverse and thriving punk scene. In this, their formative year, they have performed numerous gigs and built a reputation for their energetic, post-punk sound.

  Featuring Liz Shaw on vocals, Taro and Joe on guitars, Ben Hakes on bass and Kurt Jackson on drums. Think what the B52’s might have sounded like, if they’d been raised in a neglected UK city this side of the millennium.

  Their 2nd single, Needle Talk, was released some 2 months ago and is a punchy, paranoid tune that’s perfectly portrayed in the video you'll find below. The song was featured on Mick Fletchers, Just Some Punk Sings, Boxing Day Show You can find it on Spotify here :

  It’s a follow up to their debut track released in summer 2022, Yeowch!!!

  Candid Faces have got off to a great start in 2022 performing at the prestigious Humber Street Sesh, drawing good crowds to their gigs at the New Adelphi Club and having supported various, illustrious bands. 2023 promises a lot for this young lot from Hull.

This is Needle Talk...

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