Tuesday 6 December 2022

Bottled Violent - Police Violence


  Bottled Violent are a new hardcore punk outfit from Bandung in Indonesia comprising a line up of Farid (vocals), Irfan (guitar), Raka (rhytm), Fahmi (bass) & Aldhena (drums). They're influenced by the 80's US hardcore scene (with their name presumably coming from this Minor Threat song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HFJypp5nVk), their songs are of the "shorter, faster, louder" variety. 

  They recently released a 5 track Demo cassette which barely hangs around for 5 minutes but which displays plenty of promise. On it they reveal some of the frustrations in their lives... Shitty jobs, bullies in blue, people telling them how to think, forced consumerism etc. You can get it here :  https://bottledviolent.bandcamp.com/album/promo-demo-tapes-2022

  This track is a universal problem but one which I guess resonates a little more loudly in Indonesia than in many other places ("Indonesian police are known for their brutality, violence and arrogance toward their citizens. When dealing with civilians, these toxic cultures are deeply rooted in their minds. As a result, there is a probability in the future that civilians will engage in some form of resistance."  https://www.fairplanet.org/editors-pick/the-culture-behind-indonesias-police-brutality/). 

 It's called Police Violence...

They beat us on the street They stepped us on the ground They forced us to confess For something what we didn't do Police violence Fight back with violence We can be arrested cause reading a book Because dress different, act very loud Dragging down somebody Just keep beat up till we confuse They forced us to confess For something what we didn't do

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