Monday 26 December 2022

Mark Murphy & The Meds - Indiana Jones And You


  Liverpudlian Mark Murphy (who you'll possibly know from his time in the likes of Crocodile God, The No Marks, Hey Maxine etc...) and his band The Meds ( will be bringing 2023 in in style with the release of a new album titled Monochrome. It'll be available on January 20th from a number of cool labels; Brassneck, Bloated Kat, Cat's Claw, Kezzy P & Waterslide. 

  It'll be their 2nd full length following on from 2021's On The Brink

  I feel pretty confident in predicting Mark's modus, operandi which has served him well down the years, won't have changed much (he reminds me of an English J Prozac). No doubt the 10 tracks will be infectious pop punk gems of the sort he seemingly turns out in his sleep. You can pre order the ltd edition smokey clear vinyl version here :

  We've been treated to the first single from the album, happily it's exactly what we were expecting. A catchy as hell earworm, this is Indiana Jones And You...

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