Wednesday 21 December 2022

Houseghost - Violet (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  How does one top my most played album since it came out in 2020? Easy - you don't change a damn thing!

  Dayton, Ohio's "Houseghost" ( easily released one of the best debut albums in recent history. With a line-up of brother/sister team Nick and Kayla Hamby on guitar & bass and drummer Tyler they stuck with their well crafted formula. Dual male/female vocals, ridiculously catchy melodies, songs to die for and those spooky lyrics that tie it all together.

  I didn't notice it until Mick mentioned it to me that they remind him of one of Europe's best ever , "The Bat Bites" (, a band I loved also. So let's get to the new album "Another Realm" released on December 16th on Rad Girlfriend Records.


 All the vinyl versions sold out instantly so it's digital for now. I'm hoping for a CD release in the future. We get a lucky 13 new songs kicking things right off with the opener "Funeral Home" setting the pace and mood for the entire record. Every song is great in my book but I'm also in love with Kayla's vocals so I'm kinda biased. "The Calling", "Born On Halloween" and "Nameless" are stand outs but I'm picking my current favorite "Violet" as the featured tune. BTW - this album screwed up not only this year's best of list but next year's as well. This was supposed to be released in January 2023 so it was a shoe in for my AOTY next year. Damn you Houseghost!


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