Monday 5 December 2022

Bamboo Vipers - The Runt Of The Litter


  No strangers to Just Some Punk Songs (meaning I don't have to write too much about them, just use the search function to find out more if you need it), Bamboo Vipers ( are back with a new single. 

  Since I posted their single Silver Boots back in 2018 they've popped up at regular intervals with excellent singles and eps about haunted houses, Cambodian political parties and diminutive private investigators etc. It's always a joy to hear what they come up with next (a follow up to their 2014 album Dangling The Bait would be nice). 

  Their most recent single sees them puking up a heavy dose of fuck you punk rock attitude all over Glitter Band Rock n Roll Part 2 era glam stomp. It's a bruising and very enjoyable addition to a stellar body of work. 

Top knots, man bags, snoods and sliders..It's a hobby to you, it's life and death to me!!! This is Runt Of The Litter...

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