Sunday 18 December 2022

Bruise Control - Taxman


  Bruise Control ( are a band from Manchester who I featured a couple of years ago ( when I called them a shouty punk 5 piece playing energetic gnarly garage bangers. I also mentioned how Covid had prevented them from making their live debut. Since then, they've managed to get out on the road (last night they supported Roughneck Riot) and they've slimmed down to a quartet (Jim Taylor (vocals), Tommy Victor Morris (Drums), Niall Griffin (Guitar/Bass) & Devon Cryer (Guitar)) who now play "turbo goth."

  And they've a debut album on the way.

  The album will be titled Useless For Something and it'll be available via TNS Records on vinyl, cd and cassette. You can pre order it here :  

  To give us a taste of what to expect they've just released a single which you can find here :

  Both tracks are very good indeed (making the album one of 2023's most anticipated) but as the A side is also accompanied by a video it seems the sensible option to highlight that one. Spewing an outpouring of disgust at our countries overlords and those who enable them, this is Taxman... 

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