Monday, 29 May 2023

CLIFFDIVER (Feat. Stephen Egerton) - Oh Bondage, Up Yours!


  It's almost sacrilege yeah, when a new band attempts to pull off a cover of a stone cold classic but I think it's fair to say that the version of the X Ray Spex song you'll find below is a bloody good effort.

  CLIFFDIVER ( are an emo pop punk band that have been building up a healthy following touring with the likes of Less Than Jake, Bowling For Soup, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday and Descendents. To be honest, after a quick check of their 2022 debut album, Exercise Your Demons, I think it's fair to say that the Tulsa septet are good at what they do but are too polished for my liking. 

  I do however like their X Ray Spex cover. It sees the band's line up of Matthew Ehler (Guitar/Back Up Vocals), Joey Duffy (Lead Vocals), Briana Wright (Lead Vocals), Thomas Dony Nickles (Saxophone), Tyler Rogers (Bass), Gilbert Erikson (Guitar/Back Up Vocals) & Eliot Cooper (Drums) joined by the guesting Stephen Egerton (Descendents/All) on lead guitar. 

  Can Briana do justice to Poly Styrene's inimitable vocal style? Will the sax playing of Thomas Dony Nickles have the same impact? Decide for yourselves...

  This is Oh Bondage, Up Yours!

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