Thursday 4 May 2023

Headstone Horrors - To Lighten The Weight Of Their Greed


   They want you to work till you die
  While they take a big slice of pie...

  Headstone Horrors ( are a street punk quintet based in Nottingham and Northamptonshire. They released a debut album in 2016 titled Tales From The Murder House. It was 13 tracks of horror themed tunes with titles such as The Thing From The Basement, Alone We Are The Dead, Murder In The Dark etc. Catchy and fun, it was devilishly delicious. 

  In 2019 we got album number 2, titled This Town Called Purgatory, it was similarly dark, similarly themed (Titles include Then The Fog Came, Beneath The Lake, Death Rides Behind...). 

  And now for album number 3. It's a Self Titled affair, the music is still catchy as hell, Natalie Thornton's vocals still impress, the band are as tight as ever but this time the songs are a mix of sci fi and political. It all blends together well though. Think radiation filled skies, think of a doomed planet, think about your salad days drinking your parent's beer, think about growing older and getting angrier. Add lots of Matt Freeman inspired basslines and you've got a great album. 


    You can get it here on vinyl, cd & digital download :

  This one's about standing your ground and being resilient. It's called To Lighten The Weight Of Their Greed... 

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