Thursday 11 May 2023

Reverse - Our Favourite Song


  Reverse ( are the melodic punk band from Stoke On Trent who formed in 1990, split in 2003, reformed in 2018 and are now at the height of their powers. Following their return to the scene they released a wonderful album titled Empty Spaces from which I featured one of many highlights on here : (

  They're now getting ready to release a new album which will feature another dozen modern day classics. It's up for pre order now on vinyl & cd via Boss Tunaege. 2 songs are already streaming and both are everything we were hoping for :

  There's a couple more streaming over at Waterslide Records :

  If you're in Germany or Europe then order from Flight 13 Records :

  The song I'm highlighting is the one that the chatroom for the latest Just Some Punk Songs show decided was the best one played on that show. Melodic punk doesn't really get much better than this so the title is rather apt. It's called Our Favourite Song... 

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