Friday 12 May 2023

Zoanoids - Cenobites (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  First off I gotta THANK Mick for letting me review this one. I don't often do requests but this one is personal. As anyone that sees what I post on "The Switchblade New Wave" I have VERY diverse tastes in music. It comes with being an old geezer LOL! But 2 of my favorite "Modern" Pop Punk bands in recent years have been "Black Russians" and "Zoanoids". Both bands are VERY polarizing and can both be accused of being "Too Metal" for Pop Punk. Which gave many people apprehension before getting the swansong album by "Zoanoids". ( 

 Was this gonna be another The Lillingtons "Stella Sapiente"? Well as their #1 fan let me tell you this - If you loved the debut "Zoanoids" album ( - you're gonna LOVE this one! 15 songs of PURE "Horror Punk" of the highest order!

  After an intro they kick right into "Disintegrate" that sets the pace. By the time you get to "The Order Of The Three Chords" - you know this ain't no cop out! My pick for the best song is "Cenobites" of course! Sorry you can't hear the album on Bandcamp but the guys REALLY want you to buy this amazing album to get the download code.
Get the digital version and stream a few tracks here :

 I'm proud to have everything this band ever released on vinyl or CD. Plus an amazing T-Shirt that was gifted to me by Shyro himself! DON'T listen to the Internet! Listen to me! Unless "Black Russians" drop their new album in 2023 - THIS is the Album Of The Year!

  This is Cenobites...

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