Friday 5 May 2023

Throwing Stuff - No Gods, No Kings


  A topical tune today from a hardcore punk band from Manchester who first featured on Just Some Punk Songs back in 2015 (

  A few week's ago, Throwing Stuff announced that they'd be releasing 3 singles this year. The first of those was a vitriolic blast of disgust aimed at racists and racism both in this country and overseas. It was titled I Hate This Place and you can find it here :

  Now, to coincide with the coronation of the latest royal parasite we get another piece of outspoken social commentary. It highlights how the government is happy to spend millions on pomp and circumstance (and golden carriages!) but are reluctant to help out those most in need. Somehow, I doubt they'll be taking up the king's invitation to pledge allegiance. 

You can get it here :

  Play it loud, this is called No Gods, No Kings... 

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