Monday 15 May 2023

Alternative - What Revolution?


If you want to change the system
Better start with yourself...

  Back in the 80's, Dunfermline punk band Alternative ( were regarded by many as the Scottish Crass. Despite being originally influenced more by The Crass and aiming to carve out their own sound, they did share many of Crass' lyrical concerns. They're a band who "spoke up against the injustices of the world and helped make some people create an opinion for themselves."

  They were very prolific back in the day with numerous releases including the 1984 album If They Treat You Like Shit - Act Like Manure (

  This album is regarded as something of a classic but it could have been even better with the inclusion of a song which was dropped at the last minute for a live track (not even the band can remember why this happened).

  Fear not though, the song, a 2 and a half minute classic burst of "impassioned and raging anarcho punk with duel female and male vocals" has finally seen the light of day almost 4 decades later. It's the title track of an ep on Sealed Records. The ep, available on 7" (white or black) vinyl and digital download also features a couple of different mixes of old favourites. You can get it here :

  Take a trip back to the mid 80's. This is What Revolution?

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