Sunday 10 September 2023

The Underbites - Sincerely Jemma Jane


  "Taking down the patriarchy one man at a time..."

  When I first heard about New York quartet The Underbites ( I was told to expect something along the lines of "If The Ramones had covered The Sweet's rendition of a Nick Lowe song -- but with, say, Fat Mike or Brett Gurewitz producing..." 

  I also learnt they were gearing up for "their upcoming EP Four Songs About Girls on which they're trying a bit of a departure with three relatively lighthearted tunes about imaginary female characters and a cover the Little Richard classic "The Girl Can't Help It."

  I was intrigued enough to keep an eye out for the ep's release and happily it was a sound decision as it's a very fine listen. 

  The band are obviously well versed in punk history. They know how to pen a catchy tune. The line up of Jon Fox (vocals/guitar), Kurt Feldhun (lead guitar/vocals), Ethan Rosenblatt (bass/vocals) & Michael Hoffman (drums/vocals) have been together since 2020 but Fox and Feldhun have been friends and been around the scene for over 40 years. 

  Previous releases by the band include debut ep Persons Of Interest and album Sort It Out. Both are on Bandcamp along with this new ep :

  Displaying a love of both old school punk and early rock n roll, Four Songs About Girls is exactly what you'd expect. Each song mixes melody with bite and contain lyrics which tell a story.

  This one "started out as a Rancid-influenced anthem, but it ended up landing closer to Social Distortion." It's called Sincerly Jemma Jane...

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