Wednesday 27 September 2023

Territories - Superhero


  Territories ( are from Calgary, Alberta and have been around since 2015. They include members of Knucklehead (who featured on here many moons ago

  They released a debut, Self Titled album in 2018 and have popped up every now and again with the occasional ep or single release ( but now they're preparing to unveil album number 2. It'll be titled Colder Now and it's due out via Pirates Press Records' webstore on October 20th and then record stores worldwide on November 3rd.  

  The album will reflect the world through the eyes of the band, tackling big issues but on a personal level. To give us an idea of what to expect, they've just released a single from it. It's about the growth of the online personality. The influencer. The voluble know it all who maybe doesn't know much at all and those who swallow their misinformation. 

  It's called Superhero... 

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